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Oscar Brumelis

Oscar loves walking in remote places and he’s also the owner of HikeMuch. His highest achievement is hiking the full GR11 trail (800+km) in 36 days.

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Ilze Glaudina

Ilze loves video editing, designing, and being in the outdoors. Ilze’s highest achievement is hiking 300+ km of the GR11 trail in 14 days.


In mid-2021, we both finished our first thru-hike – the GR11 trail in Spain. We had recently moved into a new apartment and we were thinking of ways to decorate our walls. Then we came up with a brilliant idea – we could make a minimalist map of the GR11 trail, which would fit into our new apartment perfectly. 
We started brainstorming and figured that we also need to add various statistics about the trail at the bottom, such as the total distance, altitude, countries crossed, and so on. We refined the design by sending multiple variations over to our friends and ended up with the current one.
Eventually, someone asked – where did you buy this? And that’s essentially the moment the idea of Trail Goals was born!

About Trail Goals

All of the prints that you can find in our store are designed by us. That said, we aren’t printing experts, so we’re collaborating with a poster printing company called Printful, which is pretty much known as the best-in-class print-on-demand company. We’ve ordered multiple samples from them and honestly, we’re amazed by their work – their prints have vivid, matte finishes, and the paper feels really high quality. They have printing locations in the EU, UK, US, and Canada, so your order will always be manufactured from the nearest one.
We opened up our store in February 2022, and although the beginning was kind of slow, now we’re selling over 100 posters per month. In 2022, we’ve shipped just over 450 posters to 15 different countries. Most of our sales come from our Etsy store, but our own website is also growing. We’re sharing this to show you that we aren’t completely new to the business – you can be assured, that your order will be handled by professionals.
Our plan for the future is to first cover more trails under the same design. So if you have any ideas on which trails we should cover next, feel free to send us a message! After we’ve covered all of the most popular trails, we’ll start designing other styles of mays – we already have some ideas in mind So make sure to sign up for our newsletter (available on our contact us page) to be the first to receive the news about freshly-published designs (and also upcoming sales and discounts).


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