Welcome to TrailGoals – a small studio owned and operated by Oscar and Ilze.
The Idea behind TrailGoals started a few months after we both finished our first thru-hike, the GR11 trail in Spain, which was over 500 miles and we finished it in 36 days. We had recently moved into a new apartment and we were thinking of ways to decorate our walls. Then we came up with a brilliant idea – we could make a minimalist map of the GR11 trail, which would fit into our new apartment perfectly. 
Then we started brainstorming and figured that we also need to add the main stats about the trail at the bottom, such as the total distance, altitude, countries crossed, and so on, so whenever our friends come over, we could brag about how much we hiked any maybe inspire someone to do it themselves. We came up with a design that we really liked, and we decided that we should start selling similar posters, and not just of the GR11 trail! We refined the design by sending multiple variations over to our friends and we ended up with our current design.
All of the prints that you can find in our store are designed by us. That said, we aren’t printing experts, so we’re collaborating with a poster printing company called Printful, which is pretty much known as the best-in-class print on demand company. We’ve ordered multiple samples from them and honestly, we’re amazed by their work – they’re super high quality. They have printing locations in EU, UK, US, and Canada, and your poster will always be manufactured from the nearest one.
Oscar brumelis profile picture

Oscar Brumelis

Oscar loves walking in remote places and he’s also the owner of HikeMuch. His highest achievement is hiking the full GR11 trail (800+km) in 36 days.

Ilze Glaudina Profile picture

Ilze Glaudina

Ilze loves video editing, designing, and being in the outdoors. Ilze’s highest achievement is hiking 300+ km of the GR11 trail in 14 days.