Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I receive an invoice?

Our invoices are automatically generated and sent to you in an email right after purchasing your order.

Are your posters shipped with frames?

Our posters aren't shipped with frames, which means that you'll need to buy one yourself. We don't ship with frames because it's incredibly inefficient. The total cost would be at least 3x higher, which means that it's cheaper for you to find the right frame locally.

We offer popular sizes for the US (12x18, 18x24, 24x36 inches) and other countries that use the metric system (30x40, 50x70 cm). We advise purchasing a print that uses the measurement system where you're from (metric vs imperial) because it will be much easier and cheaper for you to find the right frame locally.

Where are your posters manufactured?

All of our posters are manufactured by our printing partner Printful, which is pretty much known as the best-in-class print provider. We've partnered with them because it would be ineffective for us to print everything ourselves - we're just a small design studio, after all. We researched and tested multiple printing companies, and we went with Printful, because their prints are of perfect quality, and they offer the fastest processing and shipping times.

Another benefit of this business model is that it's friendlier to the environment. An order is produced only whenever someone purchases it, so there are no leftovers of unsold products. Printful has manufacturing locations in the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, and Latvia, so the shipping distance is shorter, which results in fewer emissions. This also means that you won't have to pay import taxes when ordering from the EU, UK, Canada, or US.

So as an example, if you're from the US, your print will be sent from the US. If you're from the UK, it will be manufactured in the UK, and so on.

Do you make personalized designs?

Yes we do. For a small price of 10$, you can personalize your print to make it unique. You can add, remove, or change points of interest, the bottom text, modify the route, add a quote, and make other customizations. Simply add the custom listing product to your order and write in the order notes your exact customizations.

What if I want to order a trail that you haven't yet covered?

We're continuously adding new trails ourselves, and we'd be thrilled to hear your suggestions! Feel free to message us using our contact form, and let us know what kind of trail you'd like for us to make, and we'll reply as soon as possible. We only cover somewhat popular trails, and they should be at least 10 miles in length. If we accept your suggestion, we'll finish the map within 1-2 weeks, and you'll be able to order it when it's posted on our site, just like any other of our posters, without any additional costs.